Maps Fall Tour – Day 3

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Two of us shared a cozy couch last night. There was brief cuddling.

Huge thanks to our good buddies in A Line of Confidence for hooking us up with a show and a place to sleep. I am always amazed at the generosity of people when we’re on the road. The fact that people open up their homes for three strange sweaty dudes to play and/or sleep in is beautiful, and we will be forever grateful.

Yesterday we were able to drive through some small towns and country roads, which is personally one of my favorite parts of touring. Driving through empty rolling fields is comforting. Until passing through a wind farm where all of the red lights pulse at the same time. Reminiscent of War of the Worlds.


Tonight we’re headed out to Grand Rapids to play with some more friends. Pretttttyy preeeettttyy prrrettttttty… pretty excited for this one. Antibiotics have kicked in and I can actually talk without needing to clear my throat. We have a little video for you all coming up soon, courtesy of some downtime and a random rest stop on I-94.

Listening to: Jesu – “Conqueror”
Reading: some essay by Jaspers
Eating: Matcha bubble tea

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