Maps Fall Tour – Day 7

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Just spent the last few hours wandering around some huge park in Nashville. Couldn’t tell you the name, but it was great to be walking around outside. And to be out of the van in general. Tonight’s show is at a cool little place called the Mouthhole. So it should be interesting at the very least.
We are almost sold out of physical copies of “Maps.” So if you want one, make sure to grab it before they’re gone. You can get them on our merch page or by clicking here.
Speaking of music, we’re in the process of getting a few new songs together. They’re loud and fast. We have lots of exciting things planned for the near future.


Listening to: “The Ape of God” – Old Man Gloom
Reading: “The Quest for Being” – Heidegger
Eating: some kind of chamomile tea steeped in apple cider

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