We are recording new songs!! (…kinda)

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What’s up guys! Well as you can see in the title, we are recording new songs finally. If you’ve been keeping up with our facebook and instagram then you already knew that. Haha! But I just wanted to put out a few words about it on our website. Anyways, so yeah, RECORDING! We got one done so far. This one is “newly” recorded, but we’ve been playing it live for probably over a year now. But that just means this recording is going to sound soooo good because we can play it FLAWLESSLY…right?? After a few takes, sure! Everyone in the band has finished recording their parts, and now we are just finishing up the mixing and mastering process. We have decided that we are going to release it as a free download when you sign up for our mailing list. In order to do that just click here. All we really need is your email address so we can send you news about shows and future releases but if you want to put in your name that’s  cool. We also ask for your zip code too and that’s just so when we send out news about shows and tours, we won’t be sending you info on a Chicago gig when you live in Texas. Anyways, back to recording. We have a few other songs that we want to get recorded and are currently in the process of getting demos done at the moment. Legit recordings will come later. More news on that later. Other than that, we have new material to learn, practice, and polish and hopefully you’ll all be hearing those soon when you come see us live. Alright, more updates and news coming later.

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